" What is an Atomatrix? "

MORPHEUS Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.
NEO How?
MORPHEUS Hold out your hands.

-- The Matrix
  Larry & Andy Wachowski

An atomatrix, a name given to a defined indivisable structure, constitutes one atomic matrix unit.  Many atomatrices bound together can form an object, something perceptible.  The Object Space System, Atomatrix OSS,  has many procedures to generate and manipulate those objects.  It uses a dynamic compiler and a virtual machine to process objects at a higher level than the raw atomatrices. The OSS offers the design and implementation features that are known of popular object orientated program languages.  Ionica, which uses the OSS, is an  object orientated framework for the end-user or developer.

What is the Alchematrix?  It is a cybernetic interface to the Ionica framework and to a virtual world.
-- Ballard, J.